Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Next Meeting 22 May

Eco-Dyeing Paper Activity

Basically we are using a shibori technique where colours are transferred from objects onto the paper using pressure, in a hot dye bath of iron and eucalypt leaves. No chemicals added, all natural.
It’s just an introduction to what you can experiment with at home. Sandra will have some samples to look at.

Everyone to bring –
• Rubber bands, string, metal clips
• Brown/Red Onion skins
• Small flat metal objects (nails, washers, lids off cans etc) - rusty is good
• Eucalyptus leaves
• Other fresh leaves with interesting silhouettes etc
• Any plant material you’d like to try – herbs, flowers like marigolds etc
• Watercolour paper or sketch book paper

Sandra will supply –
• Paddle pop sticks
• A good pre-loved brew
• Cooking pot & facilities
• Goodies to try in the dye pot

Sandra will have Raines Watercolour Paper (micador brand) which works really well with the eco-dyeing as it doesn’t have much sizing in it. You can buy some from Sandra on the day to try if you like. It’s available at Oxlades if you want to pre-purchase some.

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