Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bali Trip

We had a great time in Bali. Many thanks to our hosts Lynne and Ron for the work they did in making our trip interesting, exciting and almost trouble free. There are going to be some great newsletter articles about the trip, and (we hope) a video of our visit to Japanese papermaker Norase's studio in Bali. Some of the snaps that capture our members having a good time in Bali are being put up on the POQ Fickr site, so have a look there.

Our trip was all go, and at times we were almost (but never quite) too tired to go off shopping and enjoying the nightlife in the evenings. Lynne kept up a cracking pace, even on the so called 'relaxing' days in her Arthouse studio, as this little video attests. Look at the speed she had us working at.....except Tricia looks pretty relaxed with the glueing at the end. Perhaps she was dreaming of the bare chested fire dancers?

By the way, that's us in a papermaking studio in Sayan in the top pic, having a very brilliant Japanese tea party. The wall hanging on the left is a beautiful piece of handmade paper dyed with natural plant dyes and the light shade is also paper. And take a look at the beautiful table.